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Shantys are working songs, which were traditionally sung by sailors on tall ships. Accompanying repetitive tasks aboard, the unique stomping interval of shantys supports finding a common working rhythm. In most sea shantys, a shantyman starts the singing and the crew joins in for the refrain. Since our campus was designed as an "ocean of knowledge" harbouring the science vessels. Therefore, founding a shanty group was only a reasonable consequence.

Started as a joke, ShantyChor HHU quickly gathered members and has become an inherent part of the university's culture. Since early 2014 ShantyChor HHU has been constantly growing in number. In several concerts we entertained the audience with shantys and sea songs. On this page you may find all relevant information regarding ShantyChor HHU, practice sessions, past gigs, background and trivia on shantys and sea songs.


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Rehearsal at winter semester 2016

The rehearsal take place every monday (starting at November 14, 2016) at 6.30pm-8.30pm at lecture hall 5L. Exception: On December 12, 2016 the rehearsal take place at lecture hall 5K at the same time. Everyone can join in without former registration!

Photo: Steffen Köhler


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